Compensation Watch ’21: BKD Is Handing Out Mid-Year Raises But It’s Anyone’s Guess As to How Much (NEW UPDATE)

[Updated on Dec. 22] Quick update on the folks at BKD. Apparently mid-year compensation adjustments were doled out on Dec. 17, and some BKDers posted their raises in the comments section. Based on what was posted, raises ranged from 2.3% to 4.2%.

So, how did the rest of you fare? Let us know in the comments section or get in touch with us using the contact info at the bottom of this post.

[Updated on Dec. 13 with additional information at the bottom of article originally posted on Dec. 1.]

BKD employees have something in common with employees of BDO USA and Grant Thornton … besides working in the hellscape that is public accounting: They supposedly are getting mid-year raises but have no idea about how much they are going to get.

From the tipline last weekend:

BKD also announced a significant pay increase effective in January. The CEO said most staff will get it so some people will be left out e.g. maybe new hires.

Yeah, newbies don’t deserve an extra dime until they suffer the indignity of climbing through a hula-hoop during Camp BKD to prove they can provide “unmatched client service.”

When asked if he or she knew how significant the salary adjustment would be, our tipster said:

Nope. Everyone wants to know because BKD is a “frugal” firm so it probably won’t be significant or it will seem significant to BKD.

Be sure to shed some light on BKD’s payouts once you guys know any details by using the contact information below.

[UPDATE] Hearing that the 4% to 6% mid-year comp adjustment mentioned by the BKDer in the comments section is likely the range that Tom Watson & Co. will be handing out on Jan. 1. In addition, an incoming audit associate at BKD in the Dallas-Fort Worth area told us the firm recently raised his/her original offer by nearly 5.4%:

Original Offer: $56,000

New Offer: $59,000

I found this out early because I had emailed my recruiter regarding any potential adjustments due to my classmates getting adjustments as well.

Keep up posted, BKDers, if your mid-year comp adjustment falls within that 4% to 6% range by using the contact info below.

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