Compensation Watch ’21: Deloitte Puts Mid-Year Raises On the Table

If you follow TheBig4Accountant on Instagram, you might have seen this included with TB4A’s Instagram Stories yesterday:

That is what Deloitte & Touche Chair and CEO Lara Abrash told Deloitters in audit and assurance during an all-hands call on Thursday morning. This was also confirmed in posts on Fishbowl and Reddit.

It was also noted on Reddit that Abrash said Deloitte employees will get “a ‘large increase’ to our wellbeing benefit and another stipend for virtual WFH accessories to be spent at a Deloitte storefront. And an extra holiday around thanksgiving.”

A source who works in Deloitte’s tax practice told us yesterday that tax employees were told a few weeks back that they also will be receiving mid-year salary increases in December but weren’t told how much.

We don’t know yet whether the mid-year raises also extend to those who work in Deloitte Consulting or Deloitte Advisory. If so, shoot us an email or text us at 202-505-8885. All tips are anonymous.

Deloitte handed out employee raises in late spring this year instead of the usual August time frame. While raises weren’t horrible by any means, an analysis we did showed they weren’t as good as the raises given out this year at PwC and EY.

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