Compensation Watch ’21: RSM US Employees Are Starting to Leak Their Mid-Year Raises

We recently got a tip that RSM US had told employees that “they are re-evaluating market conditions and people/groups might get raises in December.” Our tipster added: “Another carrot to dangle in front of people to get them to not leave.”

Apparently the phrase used by RSM leadership was “targeted adjustments,” according to an RSMer on Fishbowl, which means those high-performers whose salaries are already at or exceed market levels probably won’t see diddly-squat, while those whose current salaries are below market will be the beneficiaries of said targeted adjustments.

Some of those lucky RSM employees have taken to the Redditverse to share how much of a pay bump they are expecting to receive. One Redditor said from what he or she has heard, new hires got 3%, seniors and supervisors got 10%, and managers received 5%. Let’s see if that played out:


10% (tax)3% (tax)10% (N/A)3.5% (audit)2.9% (N/A)3.5% (N/A)3.3% (N/A)7.7% (N/A)

Senior Associate

10.9% (audit)


9.9% (N/A)9.6% (N/A)


8.2% (audit)11.1% (audit)

Senior Manager 1

6.9% (tax)

As you can see, not a lot of entries so far in the mid-year raises thread. If we calculate the average raise for each position, it comes out to: 5.5% for associates, 10.9% for senior associates, 9.75% for supervisors, 9.65% for managers, and 6.9% for senior managers.

We’ll monitor the RSM mid-year raises thread on Reddit to see if there are any new submissions and update this article accordingly. Meanwhile, in July we analyzed the raises that were given to RSM employees this year, which you can read here or by clicking on the link below.

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