How Is #TaxTwitter Holding Up Before the Oct. 15 Deadline?

About as well as you’d expect:

I realized I forgot to file an extension for my brother’s return how is everyone else doing today

— Lorilyn Wilson, CPA (@LorilynWilson) October 14, 2021

Got up yesterday at 7:30am.

What time did I go to bed? I’ll let you know when that happens.

Yep, this tax season is the worst. #TaxTwitter

— Zbylut on Taxes (@TaxHacker) October 14, 2021

12 hours yesterday, 6.5 hours detail reviewing k-1 inputs on a single return, starting to die a little inside. how is #TaxTwitter doing today?

— Tex (@ItsLilTex) October 14, 2021

Tired. I should go for a walk or just go outside before working on this last nearly-done return. But I do worry if I leave, I may not come back.

I would like some chocolate though. #taxtwitter

— oh Malarkey! (@OhMalarkey) October 14, 2021

Trying to explain the difference between unrealized and realized gains to a 94 year old widow on the phone is not optimal use of my time right now.

— Niero 2.0 (@Niero_Mk2) October 14, 2021

I kid you not. A client, who has not paid me for two years (that second year was my mistake, didn’t realize he hadn’t paid before we finalized his return) emails his info in this morning and wanted to know if we were going to make the deadline. #TaxTwitter

— We Are The Champions (@Jarmstrong2147) October 14, 2021

My partner and i are trying to decide if our professional liability insurance covers bail in case of attempted murder #taxdeadline #taxtwitter

— Irene Evans (@irene76mv) October 14, 2021

“I’ll bring my stuff by Friday afternoon. You can still get it done right?”

— Josh Youngblood, E.A. (@JoshYoungblood) October 13, 2021

Wonder how many clients are getting fired on 10/16. #TaxTwitter

— Sam Crahan (@SamCrahan) October 14, 2021

One of the accountants associations that I receive emails from, just sent a reminder to renew your PTIN. On October 14th. Way to know your audience.


— StevenFCPA (@stevenfcpa) October 14, 2021

If a return is still left at 10/14, it’s probably messy, client doesn’t care, they owe and don’t want to pay, or some other way it or they suck. There’s a reason this week is so hard.
Explained this to new staff yesterday and I could see the relief on their face. #Taxtwitter

— Stephanie S (@SNS92569093) October 14, 2021

If you want to prepare a return for a client that sends in their stuff late, great!

Just don’t put your physical and mental health at risk if your plate is already full.

— Tax TeleGraf (@LoganGrafTax) October 14, 2021

“Married but we each file HOH”









— Ryan (@LearnLikeaCPA) October 14, 2021

Ma’am, I hear you but you cannot take a deduction for unpaid rent. #TaxTwitter

— Nicole Davis (@wifemomcpa100) October 11, 2021

Me searching for my family and friends when tomorrow’s Oct 15 deadline passes:

— Robert Gambardella, CPA (@ConciergeTax) October 14, 2021

Is it October 16 yet?!?! #TaxTwitter

— Peters CPA (@peterscpa) October 14, 2021

Hang in there, friends, the finish line is within sight. We wish you nothing but the joys of getting to know your family again, taking long naps, drinking your favorite adult beverage(s) of choice, and firing deadbeat clients.

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