Stay current with The Accounting Influencers Podcast

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Where do you go to stay current with what’s happening in the accounting world? To develop your commercial acumen, stay informed and learn what works, there is an obvious source of easily consumable information.

Whether you are an accountant in practice or you serve/lead accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs in some way, then it’s vital for your competitive advantage and success to keep your knowledge and connections up to date.

The Accounting Influencers Podcast is a vibrant, edgy interview-based radio-style daily show for accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs, together with the networks, associations, vendors and influencers who lead them, work in them and serve them.

The full show goes live every Monday, with daily segments featuring news, ‘here’s what works’, expert and special guest interviews.

Listeners gain critical insights, best practice tips, expert interviews, market intelligence and occasional rants on the accounting and fintech world!

The show has several commercial sponsors from the fintech and software vendor world who want to reach 6000+ regular accounting listeners in 150 countries,

predominantly the UK, the US and Canada. There are currently two partner opportunities with the show if you want to reach a bigger accounting audience.

The show is available on all podcast apps and platforms, and can also be seen at

Co-hosts Martin Bissett and Rob Brown also run Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR), a door opening club for companies and individuals who serve or sell to/through accountants. If you have a commercially focused role and would like to access accountants, firms, networks and Influencers for partnerships and sales new opportunities, AIR might be a really good fit for you.

If you’d like to find out more and perhaps get a guest invitation to the next meeting, email [email protected] or go to

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