Handyman Services

Homeowners often hire handymen to assemble furniture for auspicious occasions, birthday parties, or holiday celebrations. Some handymen also take on tiling jobs, including installing new flooring and repairing broken tiles.

For business owners, having a comprehensive list of handyman services with set prices can reduce the amount of time spent on creating quotes and estimates. Call J&R Construction today and enjoy hassle-free services.   


handyman servicesFixture Replacement

Handyman services often help clients replace fixtures in their homes. These include items like cabinets, lighting fixtures, built-in mirrors, bathtubs, and window shades. While these items can be expensive to buy, they are easy for a handyman to install and can make a home or office more stylish.

Another common service offered by handymen is interior painting and stain removal. This can be a great way to increase your income while providing a valuable service. Many handymen also offer floor installation and tile cleaning services. These jobs require precise measurements and attention to detail to ensure that the tiles are installed properly. Handymen can also repair or replace baseboards and doors in a home.

Many people don’t have enough time to manage all the maintenance issues that come with a building. As a result, minor problems are often neglected. These minor problems can eventually lead to major damage if they aren’t dealt with quickly. Handyman services can help you manage these small issues and prevent them from becoming larger ones.

It’s important to understand what your competitors are doing in the market. This will give you an idea of what services to offer and how to differentiate your business. For example, if your competitors don’t offer babyproofing or aging-in-place upgrades, you can use these as marketing points to attract more customers. Also, it’s important to find software that allows you to track your service offerings and customer data in one place. This will allow you to provide consistent and accurate quotes and estimates to your customers. It will also ensure that you are charging the right amount for each job. For instance, if you charge by the hour, your software should calculate this for you and show you how much you can make in a certain number of hours.


Handymen can help homeowners with landscaping projects like mowing, trimming, and watering. They can also add flowers, shrubs, and trees to a yard or garden. Some handymen can even install or repair fences, which is helpful for those with aging yards that may need some TLC.

Another service offered by many handymen is removing leaves from gutter drains. This is a common task that many people neglect, especially if they’re scared of heights or don’t have the right equipment, such as a ladder. Handymen can climb tall ladders and remove debris from gutters quickly and efficiently.

One of the most popular services offered by handymen is drywall installation and repair. Many older homes have outdated drywall, which can be a fire hazard and cause water damage. Handymen can replace and repair drywall as needed, which is a much-needed service for many homeowners.

Decks and patios are often damaged by the weather or heavy use. Handymen can repair or rebuild these areas, as well as stain and paint them. They can also clean and power-wash them to remove dirt and grime.

As a general rule, handymen don’t do major plumbing jobs or anything that requires extensive replacement of water lines. These are usually better left to a plumber or general contractor. However, most handymen have a wide range of skills and can take on most small to mid-sized jobs. This makes them an essential part of many homeowner’s toolboxes. Handyman services can be more affordable than hiring a specialized contractor, but they do not have the same level of insurance coverage as a licensed professional. This is why it’s important to discuss job timelines, work hours, and expectations with potential contractors before hiring them.


Painting is one of the most popular handyman services requested. It’s a labor-intensive job that requires many tools, including paint rollers, brushes, drop cloths, tape, and furniture covers. Plus, there’s prep work that involves cleaning the walls, repairing cracks, priming, and taping around windows and doors. It takes time to get a smooth, even coat of paint that looks like it was done on an episode of TV.

It’s a task that many homeowners and business owners are too busy to tackle on their own. That’s why hiring a handyman to repaint your interior or exterior is a smart investment. They’ll be able to get the job done much faster than you would on your own, and they will likely have all of the materials they need on hand, so you won’t have to make repeated trips to the hardware store.

If you have a deck, patio, or balcony that needs repair, this is another service that many handymen offer. They can restore these outdoor spaces to their former glory, so you can enjoy them once again.

Door repairs are another common request that handymen often receive. Whether it’s from regular wear and tear or roughhousing kids, a damaged door can cause problems with the hinges and hardware.

Tile installation is a task that’s not as easy as it looks on home improvement shows. It takes a lot of knowledge and skills to get it right, so you want to hire someone who has experience doing this type of work. Handymen are a great choice because they have this type of experience and can help you install your new tile floor with minimal hassle.


Handymen can help with simple plumbing jobs such as replacing a faucet fixture or unclogging a drain. However, they generally can’t handle larger projects such as re-piping or installing new toilets and showerheads. For this reason, it’s a good idea for handymen to partner with a plumber when taking on these types of large plumbing repairs.

If a handyman does run into issues during a plumbing job, such as having to break through drywall or pull up flooring to get to pipes, they should offer to clean up any damage that occurs. This will show customers that they take their work seriously and are willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

Another service that many handymen provide is interior painting and stain removal home repairs. Clients often want to recolor their walls or remove stains from wood furniture, baseboards, cabinets, and doors. Handymen can also help with smaller carpentry projects, such as building storage solutions or bookshelves, replacing doors, and repairing kitchen cabinets.

Keeping up with small building maintenance tasks can save money in the long run. It’s easy to forget about things like a loose ceiling tile or an exterior door that isn’t closing properly until they become an annoyance or a bigger problem. Handymen can spot these small issues and fix them before they get out of hand.

While the majority of handyman services don’t require a license, they should check local and state contractor licensing rules to be sure. Handymen may need to obtain a permit or a general contractor’s license to work on certain jobs that require a higher level of skill and experience, such as installing a new electrical circuit.


Handymen are often able to assist with a variety of electrical tasks, including replacing circuit breakers, installing new light fixtures, and updating existing lighting. They can also repair or replace damaged outlets and switches and check fuses and breaker boxes to ensure there are no loose wires. They can also help homeowners reduce energy costs by advising them on insulation and efficient lighting solutions.

Electrical work is dangerous for anyone who is not a licensed electrician, so it is important to only hire someone who has the right credentials and knowledge of safety protocols. Attempting to perform electrical repairs without the proper qualifications can lead to major damage and even a fire in your building. In addition to being expensive, a fire caused by poor electrical work can also lead to costly litigation for you and your business.

Many handymen are also qualified to do basic plumbing work, including repairing toilets, faucets, and shower heads. They may be able to replace water hoses, install new valves, and repair leaks. However, they are not typically able to perform extensive plumbing jobs that require digging up and replacing entire water lines or sewer lines.

While a full-time plumber can handle large, comprehensive plumbing jobs, many handymen are not licensed to do so. In addition, they are unlikely to have the necessary tools to complete such tasks. Moreover, it is generally illegal for a non-licensed individual to work on plumbing that connects directly to the home’s electrical system.