KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part XVI

It looks like the hot spots for Big 4-on-Big 4 poaching lately are the U.K. and Australia, where KPMG Down Under recently made champagne wishes and caviar dreams come true for one PwC managing director.

Australian Financial Review reported:

Sally Torgoman, 38, has joined KPMG as a partner in the firm’s infrastructure business. Ms Torgoman was previously a managing director in PwC’s infrastructure business. The dual qualified lawyer and electrical engineer has also worked as general counsel at Eco Energy World and at Origin Energy in roles dealing with corporate transactions and strategy and international development. She is based in Sydney.

Sally Torgoman

Torgoman got her first taste of the meat grinder that is the Big 4 in 2018 when she joined PwC. She said in her LinkedIn profile that she is dual qualified in the legal and engineering professions, and she is bilingual in English and French, fluent in Arabic and basic Spanish, and is currently learning Russian.

This means Torgoman is way too qualified and professional to be working at a firm full of cheaters like KPMG.

PwC managing director moves to KPMG [Australian Financial Review]

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