NASBA Systems Will Be Down This Weekend So Print Those NTSs, Folks

NASBA announced this morning that its systems will be down this weekend for what we presume to be a little planned maintenance. From their website:

CPA Exam Candidates: The Gateway System, CPA Central and other NASBA system will be down for a scheduled outage on Saturday September 11th, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Central). You WILL NOT have access to your NASBA CPA Candidate account during this time. If you are scheduled to take the CPA Exam during this time, please print or download your Notice to Schedule (NTS) form before the scheduled outage. If you do not have a NTS form, you will not be able to test.

The next CPA exam score release isn’t expected until next Wednesday (September 15) so this outage shouldn’t affect anyone other than those people testing on Saturday, and only if those people ignore all common sense and decide not to print their NTS by Friday.

One other thing to take note of: as of September 1 if your government ID has expired more than 90 days from the date of your exam you will not be allowed to test, IDs that expired within 90 days of exam day are still OK for now. If this is the first exam you’ve taken since Prometric eased some of the policies instituted at the beginning of the pandemic, familiarize yourself with current Prometric rules and prepare accordingly. Current Prometric test center guidelines as of September 1, 2021 can be found on their website here. Last we heard they were going to let fully vaccinated candidates ditch the mask however current policy states that masks are required unless you are testing at a state university site where an executive order prohibits the mandating of face coverings or restricting activities. If you do not bring a mask, you’ll be turned away from the testing center, marked a “no show,” and will forfeit your exam fee. So bring one.

We don’t expect any issues with this weekend’s outage and it appears to be a short one however those of you testing this weekend might want to print your NTS just in case even if your exam does not fall within the planned window. You know, to be safe. One less thing to worry about on test day.

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